Hi, I am Jenny. I am a 17-year old paint mare. I was the first horse my parent’s owned together. I was gifted to my mom for her birthday. I back up Roscoe when the children start riding. I am usually the second horse young people train on with riding lessons. I have my moments like any woman and can be testy and run when you come to get me in the pasture, but then I soften up and just want to be loved.

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Hi, I’m Roscoe. I am the grandfather of the farm. I am a 29-year old retired cutting horse. I won lots of money for my previous owner, but then I was gifted to Jimmy and Meredith because they tool such good care of me and I had formed a friendship with Jenny. Also, even though I was retiring from cutting, I could still offer my services working with children, which I am an expert at, and riding me helps keep me young. Ask the vet…she says I look 12-years old!

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Hi, I’m Sable. I am kind of a special baby because of my bloodline. I came from the King Ranch in Texas (you know King Ranch Trucks). I was pastured for several years, so now I am back to training on the ground and in the saddle, I love to be loved and have lots of affection to show.

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Hi, I’m Blaze. I am a 2-year old chocolate palomino like my daddy. My mama tells me daily how handsome I am and what a good boy I am. I am easy going and love to be hugged. I do occasionally get into trouble because of my curiosity. I am into everything! I have even learned how to unlock my stall door or jump over it if I am really feeling adventurous.

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Hi, I’m Puddy. My registered name is Playful Puddycat. When my daddy got into riding cutting horses, I was his first horse. I am hot-blooded and ready to go all the time. I am super smart and a quick learner. Daddy reserves me for the experienced riders.


Hi, my name is Diego. I am the donkey! I came to the farm when I was just a year old. I was born around Christmas and I am a special donkey. I am a Jerusalem donkey, which means I have a cross along my back. My great-great-great-etc. grandparents carried Mary to Bethlehem, when Jesus was born and then carried Jesus to Jerusalem before he was crucified. I watch over the horses and love to play. Blaze is my best friend. We tend to get into trouble, a lot, but I know how to kiss up to my mama!


Hi, I’m Darbie. I am a 12-year old dachshund that was adopted when I was just a year old. I waddle around the farm and will roll over for you to pet my belly. I mostly stay in the house where it is comfortable. I have allergies and the outside makes me sneeze!


Hi, I’m Chief. I am a blue-healer, and it’s in my nature to protect my territory. I am constantly on watch. During the day, I stay in my pin, and in the evenings, I protect the house. When I am outside, I may be resting, but I am never sleeping. It takes a while to not bark at strangers, but after a few visits to the farm, I will get used to seeing you.


Hi, I am Jade. I am one of the cats on the farm. I am uniformed in color unlike my brother, boots, who has white feet. Also unlike my brother who wanders, I mostly hang around the barn. If I wander off, I usually don’t go too far. I like to get into Blaze’s or Puddy’s stall door an nuzzle with them.


Hi, my name is Boots. Like Jade said, I have white feet. I do wander around and usually lay near Jenny’s pasture, my girlfriend, or by the garage where it’s shaded. Please pick me up. I love to be held like a baby, an in return, I will lick you to death and clean your paws.