What we do here at Three 4’s Haven

We help young people who have suffered physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse, those who are dealing with behavioral issues, suffer from low self esteem and confidence, and those who just need a judgement free environment. We help them learn how to bond with a horse through horse care, horsemanship, and riding lessons. If a young person can learn to control a 1200 pound horse, then they can learn to deal with their own situations and behaviors.

Mission Statement

Three 4’s Haven is a safe place guarded and protected by angels facilitating a loving bond between hearts, hands, and hooves.


Leave it at the gate!!!
No matter what each young person is dealing with, he/she is entering a judgement free environment where he/she can learn to cope with day to day situations.


Office: (678)956-9355


271 North Crosslane Rd
Monroe, GA 30656